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Run Wales

Beautiful Places, Great Races
Underpinned by a community of volunteers across the country, Run Wales is the social arm of Welsh Athletics. Responsible for the participation and support for thousands of runners across Wales at all levels, Run Wales is just one of the numerous clients of Early’s Sports Marketing portfolio.

The Problem

The client required an inclusive and engaging online campaign that would attract a sweeping range of runners across Wales. The Early team were tasked with creating intelligent marketing campaigns with the intention of encouraging more people to discover an interest in running. Early needed to target different audiences from a variety of different backgrounds, including those who had never given thought to running through to existing runners who were looking to meet new people through the sport.

The Solution

By harnessing our expertise of online campaigns, we created, designed and delivered a social media campaign centred around the concept “Run with us”. Combining a series of portraits which reflected the targeted audience as well as a series of relatable scenarios, an innovative and engaging campaign was provided.

The ideas that the Early team generated and implemented helped to influence audiences across Wales. The social campaign intended to enlighten and inform the Welsh population to view running in a completely new way, whether it was appreciating the Welsh landscape, or becoming a catalyst in meeting new people.


  • 6,903 unique visitors campaign landing page with 2m 47s dwell time
    • <2.7k From My Door which ran for 2 months
    • Dwell time up 1m 7s from FMD
  • 5m impressions across Google, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
    • + 700% on Twitter at 1.3m tweet impressions
  • 42k Run with Ruth 100% views
  • 5K clicks to landing page (0.4% CTR)
    • <2.7K From My Door, which ran for two months
  • 188 New social followers, highest in past 12 months (closest July with 29).
  • Newsletter subscription increases: 70% OR and 25% CTR, > 20% over typical campaign CTR standard.
  • 7K Unique views of Wales Online story, 3m 57s average dwell time.
  • 113K Impressions of DAX AD, with 99% listened all the way through
  • 1K Direct visits to landing page
  • 556k video starts, 66k minutes viewed, 41.8k watched 100%
Run Wales
Run Wales
Run Wales
Run Wales

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