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The Science of Wellness
Kanabo sell premium CBD products containing the purest ingredients in the market. These products use all-natural hemp oil with 3 different formulas being offered: Relax, Repair and Reload, all containing 78% CBD. A high-end experience is delivered with the high-quality formula and the speed of which the CBD enters the body, leading to a more positive impact and superior customer experience. Early also supports the Kanabo group with accelerating growth for the online GP Service, a tele-health business that provides online medical consultations.

The Problem

Kanabo, the first company in the regulated medicinal cannabis space to launch on the London Exchange, had no brand awareness or go to market strategy for the UK market. Early was appointed to launch the product portfolio and develop brand appeal for the Group. As a premium product, one of the defining principles of the campaign work has been to emphasise trust and credibility to target customers.

We have since been retained to design, launch and market Kanabo's medicinal clinic offering, Treat It.

The Solution

To launch the range of CBD products, the team developed forward thinking social media and influencer campaigns, email awareness and logic-sequenced nurture campaigns. A fresh, new, appealing website was created alongside contemporary visuals. A range of seasonal campaigns have been launched, with our highly successful black Friday campaign achieving wide audience outreach. STATS? The agency has an ongoing relationship with Kanabo, providing a total outsourced marketing services solution.

Early also manages the ongoing digital marketing campaign to accelerate growth of the online GP Service. Early manages multiple digital channels including a highly successful PPC activity. This campaign has been so successful that it has improved capacity optimisation from 65% to 95%, growing demand to the point where additional capacity has been added by the client.


GP Service capacity optimisation growth from 65% to 95%

PPC spend optimised with substantial RoI improvements

New Group brand architecture delivered and ready for launch

Consumer and B2B launch of new online clinic offering

Substantial sales performance increases on Kanabo.store

Positive investor interest secured




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