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JATO needed a fully outsourced Brand, Marketing and Creative function to react to industry regulatory changes.
JATO is a global business and industry leader in big data and analytics for the automotive industry. The Company recently celebrated 30 years of providing intelligence solutions to car manufacturers, leasing providers, retailers and customers.

The Problem

How do you update a 30 year old business to take advantage of new Sales and Marketing opportunities?

The car industry was substantially impacted by a piece of EU legislation in 2018 called “WLTP”, changing the way CO2 emissions are calculated across Europe. JATO has the tools and expertise to deliver on the demand for new WLTP data, but low awareness in this emerging area. JATO quickly needed to be recognised as a thought leader in this relatively unknown environment before the gates open for competitor market entries.

The Solution

JATO and Early collaborated to identify target influencers, where quick and steep elevation of JATO’s reputation as a major player in emissions calculations could be delivered. By executing a carefully considered audience testing phase across JATO’s social platforms, Early were quickly able to identify where the WLTP message would resonate the loudest, who was best placed in the market to drive the conversation and what content would be required to execute an engagement strategy aimed at new target buyers.


  • Within Q1 of 2017 alone, JATO received 790,000 impressions across social media, up from 414,000 the whole of 2016.
  • 174 key industry influencers registered to the WLTP hub in Q1, and engaged in an evolving conversation with JATO’s leadership team.
  • 106 pieces of press coverage where JATO have been asked to share their view as a result of the wider WLTP campaign.
  • JATO was able to prove their value to these communities and reinforce their relevance in WLTP.

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