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The International Tennis Federation is the world governing body for tennis overseeing international competition regulation, promotion of the game and maintaining and enforcing the rules of the sport. As part of their responsibility for professional players, they operate and maintain the player administration platform, IPIN.

The Problem

Since IPIN’s original branding was created quickly in order to get the platform launched, its initial structure was basic yet functional. The online admin portal is utilised by players worldwide to manage their professional journey, from seeking out and booking tournaments to logging results from these tournaments. Early were requested to provide an exciting new visual identity in line with the ITF’s other brand assets.

The Solution

With the professional in mind, extensive primary and secondary research was carried out, including engagement with over 30 players globally, to discover their needs and requirements from a new identity and name. Following this, a new naming and visual identity were developed to fit seamlessly with other aspects of our client’s existing marketing. Critical to success was the ability to reflect the ITF’s overall brand architecture. Early then collaborated with the ITF to review customer UX to encourage members to stay on the site for an increased length of time.

Promotional assets were then developed to assist the ITF in the launch of the new platform.



  • Primary and secondary research
  • New naming and visual identity delivered
  • React component development
  • New brand identity and UX to improve customer experience and dwell time
  • Promotional assets


  • A new, contemporary brand identity for IPN
  • Improved player engagement
  • A more seamless customer experience as a result of the rollout of the new platform.

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