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A RapID solution to a growing security problem in financial services
Early spotted an opportunity for our retained cybersecurity client Intercede to gain traction for its multi-factor authentication and digital identity management technology, RapID. RapID’s parent platform, MyID, has been adopted to protect some of the world’s most secure data and physical assets within US Federal Government, leading financial services brands and military and aerospace clients. Early provided a full outsourced CMO, marketing and creative department model to Intercede from 2015-2018, until the Company developed sufficient marketing capability to employ its own in-house CMO and marketing team.

The Problem

How do you turn new, complex EU banking legislation into an opportunity for cybersecurity growth acceleration?

The EU’s Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), a complex piece of legislation requires financial services companies to comply with new levels of cybersecurity protection for any and all online transaction exceeding €30; with heavy penalties for non-compliance.  Early spotted that our retained client, Intercede’s existing cybersecurity product, RapID, provided a solution to the compliance problems created by the new legislation, but was largely unknown by the banking sector.  Our challenge was to address this lack of awareness and position RapID for lead generation and revenue growth within the context of the legislation.

The Solution

Establish Intercede as the de-facto thought leader in PSD2 cybersecurity compliance and position RapID and MyID as world-class, simple and affordable solutions to the problem.

Create and curate a high-perceived value, Intercede-owned online content hub, to simplify the complex legislation, dispel the myths, and provide answers to the problems faced by businesses affected by the legislation.

Execute highly targeted lead generation campaigns to increase sales of Intercede’s RapID solution.



Research & Consultancy

PSD2 Hub Creation

Website and Content Creation

White Papers & Opinion Documents

Video Creation

Case Studies

Product Brochures and Data Sheets

News Dissemination

Events, Webinars

CRM Email Campaigns

Organic Social Media

Paid Advertising

Lead and Sales Funnel Management.


  • 500 high quality marketing qualified leads (MQLs) from banks, financial institutions, ecommerce sites and more, within 4 weeks of campaign start date
  • Conversion to more than 200 Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) active in the sales funnel, within 6 weeks of campaign start date.
  • Intercede firmly established as a thought leader on PSD2 compliance.

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