Just one example of the stunning, virtual event experiences
we've created and delivered at Early.

“Make it a truly unforgettable customer experience and an unmissable event. Make it every bit as engaging as our physical events. And make it totally different to anything that anyone in our industry has ever seen, done or even thought of before.”

Peter Seaman, Head of Customer Experience and Marketing, Finning CAT, UK & Ireland.

These 40 words defined the challenge of this brief, for our retained client, Finning Cat, UK & Ireland, resulting in a game changing event, to replace Finning’s presence at physical trade shows.  And, our proudest piece of agency work to date.


A rich, interactive, bespoke multi-media platform with six fully immersive 3600 Zones containing 19 content areas and 574 pieces of content created.
80 hours+ of new footage shot in 7 locations, resulting in more than twenty new pieces of video content
10 x TV studio presentations and Live Q&A sessions, hosted by a professional TV presenter.
Six ‘Meet The Expert’ chat rooms, 1 to 1 Drop-in sessions and Live Chat
A three month marketing campaign, deploying 35+ pieces of marketing and social content


marketing page views during 3 month registration campaign.
unique delegate log-ins within first 6 hours of the live day (Target 250).
average number of pieces of content consumed per visitor.
0 mins
average time on site per visitor (Target 40 mins).
unique delegate registrations (Target 500).
page views on the live day.
Visitor data and analytics captured for targeted post-show marketing.
Visitor data and analytics captured for targeted post-show marketing.
A truly stand-out virtual event, differentiating the Finning CAT brand from competitors, described as
“the best customer experience and marketing platform I have ever witnessed…utterly game changing in our space!” by the UK & Ireland CEO.

What we did

The Early team devised, produced and delivered a spectacular, truly interactive virtual event, FINROCK21, which went live on 21st October 2021 from 10am – 4pm, following a three month multi-channel marketing and registration campaign, also delivered by Early.

Comprising a virtual expo for delegates to explore at their leisure, with SIX fully immersive 3600 zones, a virtual showroom full of Cat machinery, a ‘Jump In The Cab’ feature, PLUS a live TV studio broadcasting content and Q&As throughout the day.

So successful was FINROCK21, we have been asked to give it life after the initial show day and the platform is now an ongoing destination for marketing and sales activity, further increasing its ROI.

A good website should engage its visitors and provide an immersive brand and product experience.

A great website should make them want to buy from you!

We design and develop websites, apps and digital content with the goal of engaging visitors from first click, steering them along pre-defined journeys towards specific, measurable calls to action.

Rugby Verticle – App

Energy Vault – Website

We also have access to a unique syndicated content platform, providing the ability to control and publish compliant content on a one-to-many basis, perfect for large organisations with branch or franchised structures.

And when it comes to producing digital content, we take the same outcome focused approach as with all our work, crafting assets that are as valuable to the end user as they are effective at converting prospects into customers.

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Our in-house creative team and copywriters design, draft and produce high impact content that converts prospects into customers.

Using best practice methodologies, we research, develop and create contentof every type imaginable, from corporate literature, sales brochures and presentation decks, to social media content, consumer ads, videos, photography, websites and physical spaces such as retail units and exhibition stands.

Our fixed fee, ‘All-You-Can-Eat Creative’ service gives you the peace of mind that we’ll deliver what your business needs within a set budget, avoiding the traditional unpredictability of creative costs.

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Marketing & Sales Strategy

We create and execute Business Transformation and Go-To-Market strategies to increase value for you and your business, your investors and stakeholdersand the customers and markets you serve. And unlike other agencies, we focus on business outcomes as well as marketing outputs. We first embark on a fast-paced journey of discovery, with workshops, collaborative sessions, research and data to gather insight into the marketing and/or sales problem at hand. We ask questions about long term strategicand commercial objectives, and where necessary, we help teams challenge their assumptions.

Early WMC – Integrated Marketing

Early WMC – Lead Generation Model

We look at channels, sales resource, pipeline and funnel management, and carry out forensic analysis of your customer personas, their problems and positioning of your solutions to them.

We then deliver high impact, tightly planned, budget conscious marketing & sales strategies to achieve business transformation goals and the growth you require, along with KPI models and measurement tools to help you monitor your progress.

Marketing & Competitor Research

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Our team of campaign managers design, manage and execute both organic and paid media campaigns targeting of B2B, B2C and B2B2C audiences across the spectrum of media and channels.

From brand awareness and education to lead generation and customer engagement, we use tried, tested and proven methodologies, carefully planned around the business outcomes you need.

Our in-house creatives, copywriters and campaign managers have our clients covered across all channels from traditional above the line, sales promotion and through the line, to digital and social, print, and out of home.

Meticulous project management, data analysis and client reporting sit at the heart of our campaigns, providing real-time insight into performance and allowing for fast course corrections if needed and constant optimization.

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Our clients want new customers to fall in love with them and existing customers to turn into loyal fans.

Some want to become known for something new and different. Others want to tell better stories, with a louder voice, to a larger audience. And most want to stand out from the crowd, to generate more leads, increase their sales funnels and win new deals.

Ultimately, they all want to grow (as cost-effectively as possible!)

We’ve helped early stages start-ups, and established, publicly quoted global companies define their brand strategies, develop their brand architectures and deliver brand assets that resonate and convert.

Fubar – Stationery

Early WMC – Brand Wheel

A fully formed Brand Architecture gives you a set of strategic assets as well as a visual identity that communicate your purpose, your business personality and the reasons your customers should buy from you rather than the competition.

We use our proprietary Brand Wheel model, to help you define the ideal brand architecture to get your business winning hearts as well as minds. Our in-house creative studio then set about bringing it to life.

From positioning statements and messaging to personality and tone of voice, we’ll give you the right strategic assets, backed up by market insight and intelligence. We’ll help you articulate your brand, and value propositions to engage your target audience and marketplace difference to punch above your weight if necessary.

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