2020 had it all: Sports, Lifestyle, Tech, Construction (and Coronavirus)

All of us are Corona’d out.  So we thought we’d share what else happened last year.  Time for some rare good news from 2020:

The FA launched FA Playmaker in association with BT, announced a revamp of its education programme for football coaches and unveiled its new online community for grassroots football. Launch videos and marketing assets produced by Early: 

Caterpillar equipment’s global distributor Finning took on a whole new cheeky look for its industrial machinery ad campaigns and web content in the UK, Ireland and Canada……designed and delivered by Early:

Perfume brand, Miss SO, launched a new in-store campaign for its ranges in Europe and US retailers…….range promo videos designed and produced by Early:

Early brought in Thomas Coupland from the FA to run its Sports business, cryptically called Early Sports…..

Flora Hopewell also joined the Early crew, following an internship at Canon, to project manage some of our biggest client accounts. 

2020 was a year of unparalleled pain and loss for all of us. But people, families, communities and businesses came together to support each other. Let’s not forget good things also happened, and through the remarkable work of our NHS, virologists, vaccinators and volunteers, we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Better times lie ahead. 

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